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About Ana Leiva

The two activities I enjoy most in life, photography and exploring the outdoors, both began at a young age. My father put my 1st real camera in my hands as a teenager, and way before then, as a toddler, I remember being packed into the family car for road trips to national parks. The two kinda took a backseat during a stint in dance, but not for too long. Eventually, they melded to become driving forces in my life. 


I was born in San Francisco, raised in Miami and have lived in NY for 13 years. While getting my Photography BFA at Parsons School of Design, I learned an appreciation for still life photography and the skill set of styling. They both feed into my detail orientated personality. Working professionally shooting product, still life and lifestyle photography for the past 9 years, I’ve worked in a range of industries; from grass-roots companies such as Staple Design to luxury moguls like Saks Fifth Avenue. At all levels, I work towards honest collaborations and listen to my clients to help create beautiful, striking imagery and compelling content. Always with the goal to use photography to present my client’s products and services to their target audience while staying true to their vision.


These days I live in Brooklyn and travel as much as possible to explore parks, preserves and adventure to new places. And in the meantime, I ride my bike, take ballet classes and get as much time at the beach as I can.